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Here we go again, flogging the long-dead horse about rivet counters.
The way to avoid being treated scornfully on this list is to stop
trying to justify crap like the Athearn three dome tank car. Nobody
here cares what you run on your home layout, or your club layout, or
even what you hide in your closet and don't reveal to your friends.
What you do with the information provided here is entirely your
business. But since the primary purpose of this list is to exchange
information about how to model freight cars as prototypically as
possible, the way to stay out of trouble here is to avoid saying, or
even implying, that because you think, for example, that the Athearn
three dome tank car is sort of okay, the rest of us ought to stop
complaining about it. If you think we're all a bunch of psychotic,
nit-picker rivet counters, that's fine. Just go away. We don't want
you to go away mad, but we DO want you to go away. Is that clear


Rich Orr

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