Re: Steel reefers

Storey Lindsay


I'd be interested in such a file.

Storey Lindsay
Celje, Slovenia

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On Mon, 12 Feb 2001, Ted Culotta asked:

>Does anyone know of a resource that points out the differences
>between the early steel reefers of the major refrigerator lines?
>What I am trying to determine is, using the PFE's R-40-10
>through R-40-25 series as a baseline <snip>

Ted & all,

I put together a chart of most of the dimensions for PFE Steel Ice reefers
(I also did wood reefers) taken from the ORER's. It has been part of my
clinic handout, and I believe it may have made it into the back of the 2nd
edition of the PFE Book (my copy is not here at work). I suppose I could
convert it to Excel and post it in the Files section of this list if
enough people had an interest. That would at least give you a clue about
the size of the various PFE models (assuming they are correct).

Dick Harley

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