Barge Cement v. silicone

Rob Kirkham <rdkirkham@...>

While I am intrigued by barge cement and intend to give it a try for some modelling uses, I use silicone sealer (clear stuff for bathrooms) to hold down car weights (large nuts). It had occurred to me as I was using it that it gave off quite the fumes, and perhaps they too could damage the styrene kits or resin kits I'd use it on? But I guessed that given I have seen it recommended for this purpose, the fumes may not be of a solvent that attacks styrene. Is that right - or wrong? So far I have no damage in the cars where it was used....

As to its holding ability, I don't use it merely as a glue, but to form a mechanical restraint on the nuts as well - some up the centre where the bolt threads and plenty round the sides so that the silicone would have to fail in order for those nuts to come loose. I tend to coat the whole interior of the floor, so its hardened shape is rectangular to the dimensions of the cavity, and perhaps an 1.8 inch thick at the edges, thicker at the nuts. Is there anyone with experience using the stuff who can say that it won't last into the long run?

Rob Kirkham

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