Re: Barge Cement v. silicone

Jack Burgess <jack@...>

In my article in the current RMC, I discuss an industrial double-sided tape
made by Bron (Killer Red). This is an extremely aggressive tape and I just
used it this afternoon to bond a flat weight to the inside of a caboose
body. No fumes and a bond which I know will last....if I tried to remove
that weight now I'd end up completely damaging the rest of the kit if I
could get it out at all. These tapes are used in industry instead of bolts,
screws, and other fasteners. The article discusses using the tape for
attaching scale corrugated metal to a styrene substrate but the tape has a
lot more uses than just attaching corrugated metal. It is worthwhile to have
it in your arsenal of products. Barge cement probably has its uses
(especially in small quantities) but there a more "modern" products which
work more effectively in other instances.

Jack Burgess

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