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Tim O'Connor

Clark, a slide show is a great idea! Soph often sent along
an entire anecdote with his slides, not just a description
of what was in the picture. I have over 500+ of his scans
from his mailing list, many of them are absolute gems. I
have no doubt at all that a book could be made from the
best photos. The photos I've seen span from the 1950's to
nearly the present. The collection must be huge -- Soph was
mailing them out alphabetically, and mine only go up to "G"
for Great Northern... I wanted to ask Soph if he could skip
a few letters and get to "S" for Southern Pacific but of
course I never did... Soph put a lot of himself into the
emails and I think that would come across in a book.

I hope Soph's son understands the monetary value of those
slides. On Ebay, original color slides of 1950's freight
cars will easily fetch $50, $100, or more -- each! A recent
slide shot by Matt Herson of an NP diesel sold for $1100 !!!
And it was a 1960's photo! (It was no fluke either -- I've
checked and seen scores of slides selling for more than
$300 apiece, and a few over $1000.)

Tim O'Connor

At 8/8/2007 09:44 AM Wednesday, you wrote:

I'm going to give the long version of this story to keep it in the
group's context.

A few years ago my friend Jim Hunt borrowed Soph Marty's slide
collection and scanned what Jim thought were his best slides. He
burnt over two thousand of them onto CDs for himself and friends
(me). After receiving permission from Soph I sent many freight car
jpegs to John at RPI to add to his website. Later Soph got his own
scanner and began scanning slides and emailing them out. He had
different groups including freight cars. Soph stopped as his health
deteriorated. Soph passed away earlier this summer. Sunday there was
a local memorial service. Many of his modeler/railfan friends
attended. Soph's son will get the slides.

Here's the purpose of this post. He wants to scan the entire
collection (thousands of slides). Money to buy a batch scanner isn't
a problem, he has volunteers to do the scanning and the archives
department at the local library will administer the collection. BUT,
he wants to also scan the slide mount too. Soph could print very tiny
(weird for a doctor) and put lots of info on the slide mounts. His
son is afraid once the scans start pinging around in cyberspace the
info and credit will be lost. First, does anyone know of a way to
scan the slide mount and keep it attached to the slide? Second, does
anyone know of a better way to keep the slide info and credit with
the image?

Feel free to contact me off list with good suggestions.

When I said Jim scanned what he thought were the best slides doesn't
mean the best slides. Soph took hundreds of slides of the NKP
Berkshires. The best of which Soph sold to Blackhawk and used the
money to buy more film. Anyway, Jim doesn't like steam, but he only
scanned a few of the Berks. Jim likes shinny diesels so I think he
scanned every NKP diesel Soph ever shot.

With Soph's passing I thought it would be nice to pay tribute to him
by showing his slides at the `Desert feeding frenzy' Friday evening
during the Naperville meet. I made the suggestion to Martin. He had
either already made arrangement or doesn't realize the quality of
Soph's collection, because he passed on the opportunity. Those of you
who will be attending the meet and know this collection please put a
bug in Martin's ear to show it next year. Yes, there will be ample
freight cars in the mix.

Thank you,
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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