Re: Killer Red

Jack Burgess


Is there a product name we need to look for?

I searched the Bron Tapes online catalog and did not see a product
called "Killer Red".

John King
Tap Plastics carries the 1/2" wide rolls (on line only):

While 1/2" is okay, I prefer 1" wide rolls which you can get directly from
Bron (their website is terrible):

The 1" rolls (x 36 yards) are about $15 each. Unfortunately, they have a
minimum order size of $100. You can not order directly from the main office
but can order from the satellite offices (I work with the one in Alameda in
the Bay Area; ask for Lee Franklin at 510/429-1980...he has a copy of the
article now.) We put together a number of modelers to go in together to make
the minimum. The first group order a few months ago was for about 30 rolls.
A friend put together another order of 32 rolls last month and I put
together another 32 -roll order a couple of weeks ago. It is very neat stuff
and has a lot of uses. The article in the July RMC was on how to use it to
attach scale corrugated siding to buildings.

Jack Burgess

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