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JOSEPH BOWER <jnbower1@...>

Garth, Ben and Denny: Thank you for noting that the Maryland & Pennsylvania
Railroad were also involved in acquiring cars in replacement or payment for
their rolling stock lost or damaged on other railroads.

The two preserved Ma & Pa Box Cars at Strasburg are #s 713 and 723. These
are home-built, wood, double sheathed, truss rod type cars (not the ex PRR
XLS). They are painted and lettered in the original Ma & Pa scheme.

The Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad had a number of one off cars acquired
from other railroads. This has been a boon for Ma & Pa prototype modelers.

Consequently, The Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad Historical Society has
"commissioned" Westerfield, Sunshine, Red Caboose, and Funaro & Camerlingo
to produce, as Ma & Pa versions, models they produce of other railroad's
prototypes. In addition to Sunshine's Milwaukee/ Ma & Pa # 1155 model and
Westerfield's PRR XL and B&O M-15b/ Ma & Pa #1154 models, F&C has recently
produced an H.O. kit for the 700 Series Box Cars, and also an H.O.Bobber
Caboose Kit for Ma & Pa # 2006 as a special version of their kit for PRR
ND/NDa cabooses. The Society stocks and sells all these models.

Regards, Joe Bower (Society Modeling Chairman)

: Re: [STMFC] Re: You wreck It, You Buy It!

Garth G. Groff wrote:

Ben and Denny,

And at least one, maybe two of these cars is preserved on the Strasburg
Railroad. But I'm sure you guys knew that, and just forgot to mention
same . . . .

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

benjaminfrank_hom wrote:
Denny Anspach wrote:
"While on the Maryland & Pennsylvania RR in 1944, a Milwaukee single
sheathed boxcar was purchased by the Ma & PA apparently in exchange
for a Ma & Pa car lost or damaged on Milwaukee lines. Because all of
the Ma & Pa's cars had arch bar trucks and such cars (under the war
emergency of the time) reportedly did on occasion go off line, the
Milwaukee removed the cast steel trucks under its donated boxcar,
and replaced them with with the arch bar trucks removed from the
damaged/destroyed Ma & Pa car."

The Ma & Pa also received four PRR Class XL boxcars in 1929 as
payback for cars wrecked on the Pennsy, M&PA 1150-1153. These were
the last survivors of these cars to run in revenue service. These
are available in HO as Westerfield kits #s 1352 and 3551:
http://www.westerfi <>
http://www.westerfi <>

"How many other penurious railroads routinely transferred freight to
avoid per diems?"

As noted before, the Rutland transferred company coal from foreign
road hoppers at Alburgh to its own hoppers and gons to avoid per

Ben Hom

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