Re: Soph Marty's slides


FWIW, I'm scanning my 35mm slides at 4000dpi (or, ppi, if you wish), which results in a giant image that loses very little to the original. I save the files in TIFF format, 8-bit, which give me a file of around 55 megabites. Yes, that's 55 megabites. I archive this file; from this file, if needed, I'll create much smaller jpeg files for use on line, for 8 X 10 prints, etc.

My advice, if you're going to go thru the trouble of scanning the original slide, is to scan as LARGE as you can the first time, and ALWAYS save in TIFF format. Everything else can flow from there. I can store approximately 80 such TIFF files on one DVD-R.

blair kooistra
fort worth, tx

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