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Tom Gloger

--- "Bruce F. Smith V.M.D., Ph.D." <>
snipped from the athearn web site:
. . . The Model B tractor was a stalwart of the John Deere
tractor line during the first half of the 20th century, and
Athearn's faithful replication will meet any prototype
collector's requirements.
I searched Yahoo! for "Deere model B tractor" and easily found a
site with several pictures. According to one site, Deere started
making Model B in 1934, but there were several design changes
along the way. Athearn's appears to be the 1947 model B.

SOUR GRAPES DEPT.: In my 1938 era, tractors were somewhat of a
hot social issue, so maybe I'm better off not shipping them. :-+
(One tractor could displace three sharecropper families.)

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