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Phillips, III, J.A. wrote:
And how long do you figure the CDs you're burning these monsters onto last? R.W. Leach has been kind enough to scan and burn a couple (!) of my prints onto CDs (he makes 'em larger n' you do) and we think _mebbe_ we'll get ten years outta 'em (i.e. "Ugh!")! Seems to me them gold CDs might hold out an extra five, but that's about it. If you've heard somethin' else, lemme know.
No one could argue with a five-year replacement rule (though some Imations I had went south in less time than that), but they are cheap and easy to dupe. Keep in mind, sir, that Tim O'Connor's advice is still sound: keep 'em on an external hard disk too. Those aren't "forever" either, but aren't likely to fail at exactly the same time as the CDs or DVDs.

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