IC hopper door locks and brake lines



In one of the CBCs from the interwar peiod - '31 IIRC- there is a
picture of an IC USRA hopper retrofitted with Wine door locks in
place of the Enterprise ratchet

I'm aware that this was a not uncommon retrofit to many cars, but
have yet to substantiate that the IC made this modification to any
other cars than the one depicted.

I guess this may be tough to answer 70 years later but was this
purely an experimantal fitting or a more extensive programme?

On a more general note, the few images that I have of any USRA or
clone hoppers are vague on the placement of the train line. Whether I
have been unlucky in that the pictures all depict one side of the
car, and there is an external line, or that the line ran on the
underside of the car is unclear. Certainly the few PRR cars of this
type show an external line, which would tend to make me think that
this was an original fitting. However these are pictures taken in the
middl age of these cars and are the only ones that definitely show an
external trainline? Do I chalk this up to variations between builders
or is there a defitive design standard?


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