Re: gons, I like 'em


Speaking of gons,F&C released some nice D&H wood side gons.The instructions call fo using boxcar red.Can anyone verify this color?Armand Premo

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IIRC, the prototype was MEC. I believe that F&C offers this car in
resin. The ACL had similar cars (see the Steam Era Freight Cars site,
model pages), but had a fishbelly underframe and AFAIK, was painted
black rather than FCR. I don't think the other ERTL roadnames were
anywhere near correct.

You might want to check the archives. We've discussed this car in the
past, but it was a loooong time ago. Some claimed that the ERTL cars
were knock-offs of existing kits (Tichy for the flat, F&C and others for
the boxcar, and F&C for the gondola).

Kind regards,

Garth G. groff

ed_mines wrote:
What was the prototype for the short lived Ertl gon?

Was that ACL too?

I'm surprised no one picked up the Ertl dies.


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