Re: ADMIN: A goal of the STMFC: Fidelity to the prototype

Malcolm Laughlin <mlaughlinnyc@...>

Posted by: "James Eckman" I apologize if the grading system seemed like a slam. I meant it as a
tool for upgrading or selecting good models. Given two cars that you
need that cost the same, the A would normally be the better choice over
the F. My list also reflects my biases, the correct color is more
important than minor dimension or detail issues and if it has the right
logos for the sort of car being modeled. This would give many of the
Athearn cars a passing grade.

I didn't think of it as a "slam", but more as practical guidance. Jim expresses what I meant better than I did. As I tend to see prototypicality in a group of cars in a train from three to ten feet away more than as individual cars close up, I think of shape, color and logos as more important than smaller detail.

As for the three dome cars, maybe I shouldn't have made annoying comments about that. I just happen to like the looks of the three-dome Mobilgas cars.

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