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Some cars were specifically stenciled,"For Clean Lading Only", "For Flour Service ( Loading)",as well as "For Hide Service Only"..Other cars were kept in captive service for grain delivery with or without a specific stencil.In more recent years the CN identified cars by a series of letters designating the type of loads,i.e. A,B,C,etc.Armand Premo

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I agree with Tim that this is a good thing to model, and an
even better thing to include in layout operations. However:
Reefers might or might not be cleaned out where other cars were
cleaned. (PFE did it in their own facilities, as did at least a few
other reefer operatiors.) And reefers weren't pre-cooled, they were
pre-iced. LOADS are pre-cooled.

Tony Thompson
So putting ice into a reefer doesn't make it cool? What are
you saying Tony? Honestly, sometimes .... :-)

Tim O'Connor

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