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Hmm. It is my understanding that grain loading required "Class A" box
cars. How does a RR clerk know that a given car is "Class A" instead of
"Class D" (for hide loading only)?
A box car had to be rated only as high as class "C" for most grain. As long
as the floor and side sheathing were relatively leak free the car was
coopered and it was good to go. Flour and like commodities required class "A"
cars. Hides and other contaminating products were to be only loaded into cars
classed for "rough freight" which was most anything below a "D" and usually
noted as such by the owning road. Use of anything higher in class for
contaminating goods was a sure fire way to pay the owning road's expense to rebuild
the car.

The AAR's classification requirements have been offered here at least a
couple times. Every clerk used his knowledge and discretion while rating cars
and the opinions varied from road to road and (highly likely) from man to man.


Guy Wilber
West Bend, WI

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