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The PRRT&HS printed reproductions of the Bowles Color Drift Control
cards for a variety of PRR colors back in 1992. These colors were
printed, not actual paint chips like the original. Perhaps us B&O
folks could find someone with the PRR group who could give us some
tips on printing reproduction cards.

That said, the PRRT&HS reproduction card for the PRR Red Freight Car
Paint dated October, 1952 is a fairly dark red-brown which would look
very dark under most of our indoor lighting. Did PRR change their
freight car color from a lighter color to this darker red-brown in
the early 1950's.

John King

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jim_mischke wrote:
And for the billionth time, the digital guys promise the moon and
deliver nothing. It's like Lucy conning Charlie Brown to kick
football one more time.
The B&OHS and I will find a way to publish these B&O colors on
drift cards in hardcopy for everyone. Don't be surprised if it
not involve a computer at all.
Jim, I don't understand your negativity. We included PFE
drift panels in the PFE book by scanning them, and adjusting at
time (with help from the printer's technical people). Both Bob
and I were at the printer and looked at sheets as they came off the
press, and compared them in a "true light" booth with the original
chips. The final match was excellent. Why can you not do the same?

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