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I have not seen anyone report on this but among the highlights at Timonium in late January were steam era freight car photos made by the late Col. Chet McCoy. Bob's Photo purchased Col. McCoy's negatives and has begun to have them printed. I purchased 86 prints and would have done more but had to stop someplace on that particular day. The photos were sharp and made in good light. In the case of some SFRD reefers, both sides were photographed.

Among the highlights I purchased were a L&N Pratt trussed singled sheathed Auto car, 3 different photos of the ACL 40 foot ventilated boxcars (I have never seen even one photo of these cars in service that I can recall),and one of the very rare FGEX reefers with a "Bettendorf " underframe (this was in BAR reporting marks and car number but the rest of the lettering was FGE).

Bob said that what he had with him was just the tip of the ice burg and the choices of waht he brought with him did not appear to be very systematic. I know many of us find Bob frustrating because he has no list, but he said that he will be doing a list for this collection. He told me that also sells on consignment. I have requested that he send me everything in the collection with L&N or FGEX reporting marks. I will return what I don't want to purchase promptly. I will work my way through the other roads and private companies I am interested in until the list surfaces.

Bob does plan to be at Martin Lofton's Prototype Modelers Seminar in October this year with this collection. (Martin purchased more photos than I did) For anyone who collects photos to support their modeling, you will find many things to satisfy your desires in this collection.

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