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Here I am again. Where I worked we NEVER tagged any car. We had MTY car way bills. We all (clerks & Switch crews) worked from switch lists. One night the engine forman found a track of cars that he had no information on and he called me to fix it. I went down into the yard, check the track, went back to the office and pulled the waybills and made him a switch list.
Did I ever tell you the story one night we found a car the we did not know what it was? We looked every where for the information. Then someone said call Bill. He was the clerk that was on the earlier shift. He would know what it was. So we called him. Told him what the problem was and gave him the number. Yes he remembered. Said it was going to Kansas City. We then ask what was in it and he thought for a minute and said put it down as lumber. We said that can not be because it was a tank car. He answered why would you care. You do not have to unload it. Big grin
So guys stop worrying about how things were done. We had rules and always followed them when the brass was around other times we just made it work.
All this back when steam was making the cars move.
Thank you
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As these cars traveled with their doors shut, was there (typically)
temporary markings to identify these cars that one could look for in
Usually a clerk or carman would inspect the mty cars and tag them to
show what class loading the cars was suitable for. Often it would also
be noted on switch lists as "OK grain", or "OK class A loading, or OK
brick ldg", or "clean out".

When you say, "tag them", do you mean w/ a chalk marking, or would
they staple something to the tack board? Richard Hendrickson has educated
us that loaded cars should have a route card; should my clean EMPTY box
cars (in Kansas grain territory) also have something on the tack board?



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