Re: Box Cars In Grain Service

Richard Hendrickson

On Aug 13, 2007, at 9:22 AM, jaley wrote:

On Aug 11, 7:47pm, Chet French wrote:
> Usually a clerk or carman would inspect the mty cars and tag them to
> show what class loading the cars was suitable for. Often it would
> be noted on switch lists as "OK grain", or "OK class A loading, or
> brick ldg", or "clean out".

When you say, "tag them", do you mean w/ a chalk marking, or would
they staple something to the tack board? Richard Hendrickson has
us that loaded cars should have a route card; should my clean EMPTY
cars (in Kansas grain territory) also have something on the tack
There were standard car cleaning tags which could be stapled to the
route card boards indicating that a car had been cleaned and, on some
tags, what class of merchandise it was suitable for. I have some
examples, and such tags were included in the placard board decal set
produced some years ago by Microscale. Larry Jackman has pointed out
that crews often ignored the procedure of cleaning and tagging cars,
but I have numerous photos showing cars with cleaning tags, so
apparently they were widely used. I'd say your clean empty box cars
probably should have such tags, unless - of course - they were switched
by Larry J. and crew. : ^)

Richard Hendrickson

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