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Richard Hendrickson

On Aug 13, 2007, at 9:31 AM, Dennis Storzek wrote:

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> Dead-on accurate? Probably not, and we won't know for sure until we
> see the model's ends. If they follow the AAR recommended practice
> drawings, they'll be pre-war Dreadnaught ends, whereas that C&NW 70
> cars and other postwar versions all had Improved Dreadnaught ends.
> Richard Hendrickson

Not quite, Richard. The C&NW and subsidiary Omaha Road (CMO) had
several orders of similar cars; information and photos of all are
presented in an article by Jeffrey Koeller in the May 2005 issue of
Mainline Modeler. The detail breakdown is as follows:

CNW 70501-71999 odd 11/44 Reversed DN
CNW 69701-70499 odd 9/45 Reversed DN
CMO 88101-88899 odd 9/45 Reversed DN
CNW 130701-131699 odd 8/48 IDE
CMO 88901-89199 odd 8/48 IDE
CNW 75001-75399 odd 2/53 DN w/straps
CNW 5192-5691 inclusive 7/55 DN w/straps

There is additional info about the various lots being renumbered to
CNW 97001-101157 odd in 1965-66.
Dennis, I defer to Jeff's MM article, as I know him to be a thorough
and reliable source of information, as well as to your obviously
careful study of the data he provided. I wasn't aware of that article
because I gave up on MM several years ago, having grown weary of Bob
Hundman's eccentric perspective and the declining frequency with which
I found anything interesting or useful in the magazine, but Jeff's
article is one I should have and I will get a copy of it.

This affords me an opportunity to write publicly what I have long
thought and said privately. First, that your contributions to the
STMFC list are invaluable, consistently thoughtful and well informed.
Second, that I applaud your willingness as a manufacturer both to take
part in our discussions here and to do so with admirable candor. I
have sometimes disagreed with your product development decisions - easy
for me to do since it isn't my money that's at stake - but I respect
the work you do because I know that it is well researched and that the
results are a judicious compromise between accuracy and quality on the
one hand and marketability on the other. We all benefit from your
efforts and expressions of gratitude are in order.

Richard Hendrickson

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