Freight Car Idyll

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

The evening sun is shining off the lake (my granddaughter: "Fire dancing on a silver stage"); The ancient oaks on the broad magnify the long shadows of evening. The whoosh-whoosh of the paddle fans gently move the air. The grandchildren are running through the trees on imaginary horses. On the big screened porch my wife Carol is deep into an ancient Norse Trilogy, my daughter is immersed in the latest Harry Potter, my son-in-law is nodding over some of his PhD studies, the strains of the second movement of Beethoven's Seventh Symphony fill the air, and I- I am completely and absolutely absorbed in FOCUS ON FREIGHTCARS. Distinguished author, great photos and captions, photo reproduction, and quality publisher.

But fellas, I gotta tell you, the plot is terrible!

Denny :-)
Denny S. Anspach, MD
Okoboji, Iowa

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