Another thank you to Dennis Storzek

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Richard Hendrickson writes about Dennis Storzek:

"This affords me an opportunity to write publicly what I have long
thought and said privately. First, that your contributions to the
STMFC list are invaluable, consistently thoughtful and well informed.
Second, that I applaud your willingness as a manufacturer both to take
part in our discussions here and to do so with admirable candor. I
have sometimes disagreed with your product development decisions - easy
for me to do since it isn't my money that's at stake - but I respect
the work you do because I know that it is well researched and that the
results are a judicious compromise between accuracy and quality on the
one hand and marketability on the other. We all benefit from your
efforts and expressions of gratitude are in order."

Not only that but Dennis and Accurail deserve a very strong thank you from Prototype Rails [ Cocoa Beach ] for supplying the cars for the KCS box car [ 2006 ] and Kahn's Reefer [ 2007 ] hands on clinics put on by Greg Martin, Denny Anspach and Jim Singer at Prototype Rails RPM Meet at Cocoa Beach, FL. The only real issue with the clinic this last Jan is that I somehow ended up with Jeff Aley's kit and I haven't completed my own yet. If Jeff and I don't have our completed versions at Cocoa Beach next Jan 4 I shudder to think of the consequences <G>...and, like I say, I still have Jeff's. <G>. Hmmm, have we progressed to the point where we can beam stuff across the country via the net?

Mike Brock

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