Re: Unwarranted slam in August TKM

Tim O'Connor


The QUESTION this begs is -- since AM got the whole shipment -- will there
be another shipment? Perhaps RC itself got shorted. Perhaps AM pays their
bills on time. We just don't know. Any car that sells out that fast is bound to
be run again. Patience and demand, not boycotts and public whining, will
get better results. If PRR modelers were to "strike back" at RC or even AM,
would that be to their benefit in the long run? I don't see how it could.

Tim O'Connor

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It was an announced car that RC decided to send the entire shipment to the
museum.? When I called RC I was told all dealer orders were forgone and that not
enough cars were received to fill AM's order so they got them all.? Nice way of
telling the dealers where they can go.? Distributing proportionally to all who
had pre-ordered the cars would have resulted in the same outcome for RC -- all
cars out the door but they decided their multitude of dealers was less important
than one customer.

Rich Orr

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