Re: Stick on weights. Was Coins as car weights.

Mont Switzer <mhts_switzerm@...>

I prefer the stick on lead weights like what Peter has on order. I get mine from A-line and probably pay a little more for them to be able to buy in small quantities.

These weights are small and heavy. I try to install them over the car trucks on house cars. This leaves the floor clean if I want to model the door in the open position.

I still don't have a "pat system" for weighting open top cars.

Mont Switzer

"Peter J. McClosky" <> wrote:
None of the Hobby shops up here carry "Stick on Weights".

I went to every auto parts store I could find (before giving up) and
could not fine any. Most of the clerks in these stores had no idea what
I was talking about. When I explained that they were used to balance
alloy wheels they "got it"

Then I went to a tire store, and while the would not sell me any they
had in stock ("I would not have any to use"), they did pre order me 1
box each of 1/4 oz and 1/2 oz stick on weights.

I think I got a life time supply, without paying for shipping (and lead
is heavy!!!).


Jon Miller wrote:

...Lead is good but hard to get these days. Wheel
weights are not bad (lead) but you need to mail-order in CA.

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