Re: Tim Gilbert

Tim O'Connor

Tim was always startlingly frank and direct with me about his
health and I was always relieved to see him at Naperville or at
the Springfield Big E train show because I knew his prognosis
was grim. Yet as you say he was helpful, knowledgeable and
never lost his sense of humor. It's strange now to have so many
emails in my archive from so many departed pen pals... but in
Tim's case it's a great legacy too. I'll never be able to think about
LCL without remembering Mr. Gilbert.

Tim O'Connor

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From: Richard Hendrickson <>
The news of Tim Gilbert's death gets my day off to a very bad start.
Tim's knowlege, resourcefulness, and willingness to share were a major
asset to the STMFC list and to prototype modeling in general. Like
Pierre Oliver, I'll miss seeing Tim at Naperville. Another good guy
gone to the great freight yard in the sky.

Richard Hendrickson

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