FEC's "Car Ferry Company" reefers purchased by FGE

lnbill <bwelch@...>

I spent five days last week in Chapel Hill, NC at the UNC's Wilson
Library where as a part of the ACL's Corporate Archive within the
President's File there were 82 folders devoted to Fruit Growers
Express. I made 1200-1500 digital photos of relevant pages of material
covering approximately 1939 to 1957. This will be of immense value in
helping tell the story of this company. I did find out that among the
cars they acquired were 171 cars from something called Florida East
Coast "Car Ferry Company." The only ORER I have for the period before
1940 is 1931 and there is no entry for this company. Does anyone have a
photo of one of their reefers, or even know anything about Car Ferry

That same year they also acquired 6 cars from the Borden Company and in
1945 the 10 outside braced reefers built by the N&W in 1918. There is a
photo of one of these in an early CYC.
Again hoping someone can help me with the FEC subsidiary.

Bill Welch

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