Trying to determine ownership of stock cars found in Warsaw, IN

Mark P.

I am trying to identify the the owning railroad and class of stock cars appearing in Warsaw, IN in this M. D. McCarter photo at <>, with a plan of modeling these in S scale. The photo would have been taken between 8/45 and late 1951 (time frame of the Winona Railroad GE 44 tonner). The Winona only had refrigerator cars, so these weren't their cars. The PRR and Big Four were in the immediate vicinity. Could these be PRR stock cars?

The same image with slightly different descriptions and lesser quality is at <>.

If these links do not work, go to <> and in the search box type "Winona cattle cars" without the hyphens and it should be the second photo displayed.

This particular photo is part of the Archives & Special Collections, Morgan Library, Grace College & Theological Seminary, Winona Lake, Indiana. They have over 600+ Winona RR photos that are in the process of being digitized. This web site is part of the Private Academy Library Network of Indiana and has railroad photos that you might not have seen elsewhere.

The majority of the online cars identified so far on the Winona (northern Indiana) are Wabash (gons and hoppers) and PRR (gons and a few boxcars), with SP boxcars, Southern gons, and SAL and Ann Arbor hoppers making fairly frequent appearances - trending away from the usual rules of equipment seen on a railroad. The Winona's main industries were eggs (hence the refrigerator cars), bulk oil distributors, creameries, foundries and a sand/gravel operation. The Wabash received a fair amount of cars from the sand/gravel operation, accounting for their large numbers online.

Thanks for any help on the stock cars.
Mark Plank
researching the Toledo & Ohio Central Railroad (NYC Lines) <>
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