Re: hopper loads

CJ Riley

There was much coke shipped through the 50s in western PA. The Connellsville
are was loaded with beehive oven complexes that shipped by hopper. While some
large steel mills may have had their own in-house coke plants,(J&L Hazlewood
for example) it was my understanding they shipped coke to their mills that
weren't making coke: a very nasty, dirty, and smelly operation not welcomed by
the locals when a new mill was opened. Keep in mind that foundries and similar
industries used coke and wouldnot have in-house capabilities.

CJ Riley
Formerly of Pittsburgh,
now in smoke free Bainbridge Island WA

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Coke is flat black to dark gray in color.
How about particle size?

Was there much coke being shipped? I recall it was a byproduct of
illuminating gas and some utilities burned coke in special plants.


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