Tim Gilbert

John Hitzeman

My wife Nancy, and I, met Tim the very first year we attended the Amherst Show in
West Springfield, Mass. (1994 or 5?)
As those of you who knew Tim can verify, he was never at a loss for words, most
of which were "nuggets" of knowledge, etc. He could talk for hours, and did.

Somewhere along the line, Tim and Nancy got to talking about where their
families came from. Nancy's mom was raised in Connecticut and it turned
out that Tim and my mother-in-law were distant cousins!!!

So, he was not only part of the train family, but one of the in-laws,
I guess.? <<VBG>>

He had a couple of projects that he wanted me to pursue, so?I guess
I'd better do one before he looses some lightning bolts at me, or something.

He was a walking encyclopedia of train knowledge, and?he will be sorely missed.

Sweating Lake, Missouri

John Hitzeman
American Model Builders, Inc.
LASERkit (tm)

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