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The coke I knew for burning in a domestic stove (hand fired) was about an inch in size and more irregular in shape than a lump of coal because it was porous because all the gas had been baked out (basically coke is coal that has been heated to red heat in an absence of air so it can't burn) Sometimes coke was a by product of making town gas, and tar products, sometimes the coke was what you wanted and the rest was a waste product. Coke is a lot harder to ignite but burns hot and with no smoke. Some coke that I saw was the size of an adults fist. The coke was porous IE honeycombed with very fine pin holes. At a quick glance a heap of coke was black but it was a very dark silvery grey. If I needed to make a model of a coke load I would get some of that very dark grey dense foam used for packing, such as in a Bachmann spectrum box and mince it up small. real coke would just be dust by the time you'd finished trying to crush it to HO scale. Loads of coke straight from the coke oven had to be damped down with water and trucks would be literally steaming. Sometimes you wondered whether the load was smouldering or steaming. In the UK up to the late 1950s one of the main brands of "gasoline" was made with a significant percentage of benzole derived from coal during the coking process. Coke could also be used in filter beds for Sewage farms. Some Kind of bacteria was added to the coke and then dilute sewage was sprayed onto the colonized coke and the fluid that filtered through the beds became treated sewage rather than very noxious raw sewage. Sewage farms would only require loads of coke when they first built the treatment beds, so don't direct carloads of coke to the sewage farm.

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> Coke is flat black to dark gray in color.

How about particle size?

Was there much coke being shipped? I recall it was a byproduct of
illuminating gas and some utilities burned coke in special plants.


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