Re: Tim Gilbert

Rufus Cone <cone@...>

Tim Gilbert's many helpful and important contributions certainly earned
him the thoughtful acknowledgements sent by Ian, Wilson, Richard
Hendrickson, Mike Brock, and a number of others. Their earlier posts have
covered many aspects of Tim Gilbert's special contributions to STMFC and
to his response to many individuals' request for analysis or data.

His injection of concrete data from Moody's into the discussions along
with his analysis of conductors' car lists and other data were notable.

As Tom Baker said, "We will all, I am sure, miss his expertise and his
willingness to clarify or offer an insight."

Rufus Cone
Bozeman, MT

Richard Hendrickson wrote:

The news of Tim Gilbert's death gets my day off to a very bad start.
Tim's knowlege, resourcefulness, and willingness to share were a major
asset to the STMFC list and to prototype modeling in general. Like
Pierre Oliver, I'll miss seeing Tim at Naperville. Another good guy
gone to the great freight yard in the sky.

Richard Hendrickson

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