Re: Stick on weights. Was Coins as car weights.

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Hello Philip,

There are 624 1/4 oz weights in the 1/4 oz box, and 360 in the 1/2 oz box.

I paid about $94.00 (total) for the box of 1/4 oz weights and the other
box of 1/2 oz weights.

The 1/4 oz weights come in at about $0.08 apiece (or $0.32 per ounce)
and the 1/2 oz weights cost about $0.15 apiece (or $0.30 per ounce).

I know this is more than pennies cost, but they are much denser, and are
easier to work with.

I have also use lead shot from a metal store. These are about 1/8 inch
in diameter. When used on a car, they are not nearly as dense (a lot of
empty space between pellets) as the solid lead. I like the "denseness"
of the solid lead, as it lowers the center of gravity of the car.

Peter J. McClosky

Philip Dove wrote:
How many weights are there in a box, and how much did they cost? I got
a bag of old wheel weights from a Tyre fitting shop for nothing from
when they rebalanced wheels, but most were curved weights with steel
clips and whatever type they were they were really filthy. I have some
lead, it was a feed pipe to a toilet cistern, but a bit of cutting and
hammering converted it into sheets of metal. The virtue of coins is
you know the weight of them before you start, and you probably have
some in stock. I also got a load of used air gun pellets from a
showman at a Midway It took a surprising amount of effort to get the
bits of paper target separated out. As someone else said off cuts of
roof flashing are probably easiest if you can get it. I've seen
Athearn cars (steel axles and steel weights) move slightly if they are
spotted over a coupling magnet.
Regards Philip Dove
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None of the Hobby shops up here carry "Stick on Weights".

I went to every auto parts store I could find (before giving up) and
could not fine any. Most of the clerks in these stores had no idea what
I was talking about. When I explained that they were used to balance
alloy wheels they "got it"

Then I went to a tire store, and while the would not sell me any they
had in stock ("I would not have any to use"), they did pre order me 1
box each of 1/4 oz and 1/2 oz stick on weights.

I think I got a life time supply, without paying for shipping (and lead
is heavy!!!).


Jon Miller wrote:

...Lead is good but hard to get these days. Wheel
weights are not bad (lead) but you need to mail-order in CA.
Peter J. McClosky

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