Re: Question regarding NC&StL / Monon steel gons

Tony Higgins

FWIW, there was an L&N 42' 9-panel gondola, series 50000-56499, built
by Pressed Steel in the late 20s. ORER shows 4300 of these in 1955.
Both this and the NC&StL cars have the same width and height to
within an inch and lengths to within a foot. There is a picture from
UofL archives showing the four center stakes extending slightly below
the straight bottom edge of the side. These were built as drop bottom

Tony Higgins

--- In, Ray Breyer <rtbsvrr69@...> wrote:

Hi everyone,

Frank Hodina just emailed me, asking about a NC&StL 42 foot gon
pattern he's currently working on. It's the GB-12 class, 44000-44499
series, which were 9 panel cars built by P-S in 1949. He's found a
series of Monon cars that are very similar (3001-3300, P-S built in
1948. The ends are different), and he's wondering if there were any
other close matches out there. If any of you know of any decent
matches, now's the time to speak up!


Ray Breyer

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