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The coal and coke I saw, both in survey, at mines, and in hopper cars, did
vary a lot. The sizes were determined by the usage and customer needs, and
included "egg" , "lump" and other designations you can find more on on the

In general, anthracite was shipped in larger chunks befitting its use in home
heating and other specialized uses, and looked very shiny; almost like

Bituminous was less shiny, but could be anything from shiny to very dull, but
was generally not as sharp-edged compared to anthracite, and also could be in
more varied sizes in a given load, given a lot of its use in big power plants
or steel mills. I have always thought of it as more "dusty" looking.

Both we very black to dull grey.

Coke was very irregular in shape, and almost a blue-grey in appearance.

There are lots of nice pre-made loads that represent coal, ranging from the
anthracite-looking shiny loads Kadee makes, to the dusty bituminous-looking
ones that Mr. Plaster and others make in resin or plaster. You can also take
the crummy ones you get in hopper kits and cover them with the real thing,
which you have to do for coke, anyway.

Have fun!

Elden Gatwood


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