Re: Stick on weights. Was Coins as car weights.

Douglas Harding <dharding@...>

About 5/6 years ago I went to my local tire dealer and asked about stick on
weights, the kind used on alloy wheels. They wouldn't sell me a handful, but
did offer to get me a box the next time they needed some. Took a month or
so, but I got a box of 360 count 1/2 oz weights (11+ lbs) and a box of 360
count 1/4 oz weights (5.5+ lbs), all for less that $50. And because they
came on the regular tire delivery truck from the warehouse, no shipping
charges. Nice living in a small town.

And they have to use something to balance tires in California, so check your
local tire dealer. I have essentially a lifetime supply. And the adhesive is
tough, remember these things stick to wheels rotating at highways speeds
over all kinds of roads.

Doug Harding

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