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Certainly, in large yards that had clean-out tracks, cars could be graded and sorted by grade . . .but why bother? . . . If they order eight cars a day and today they reject one, just send them nine tomorrow.
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Service, shmervice. It's not like anybody is going to start shipping by trucks instead of trains . . .

That's not the way it worked and it didn't depend on the size of the yard. There was enough variation in car condition that you couldn't just throw cars at a customer. The yardmaster or trainsmaster was not interested in doing a lot of extra switching because of rejected cars.

Cars were not sorted by grade, but the grades of cars on the cleaning track were given to the yard office. When the yard clerk made up the switch list for cars from the cleaning track, he had the shipper car orders and knew the appropriate grade for each. The switch list was prepared accordingly with each empty being switched to the track for the job serving the customer to get that car - really no different from how loads were switched except that someone took a quick look at the car aftercleaning and called it A B C or D.

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