Re: Question regarding NC&StL / Monon steel gons

Mont Switzer <mhts_switzerm@...>


I'm getting into this thread a little late. What is Monon 6001 that you mention? As far as I know this number was assinged to a flat car.

Mont Switzer

Ray Breyer <rtbsvrr69@...> wrote:

timboconnor@... wrote:
A good picture of one would be helpful :-)
Good point. I just created a new album for the NC&StL 44000-series gons. Once the moderators approve the images, you'll find photos of NC&StL 44275, Monon 6001, and the diagram page for these cars from the NC&StL's 1955 freight car diagram book.

Let me know offlist if you want larger images.

Ray Breyer

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