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When I was a kid growing up and in to my 20s, We used all the things and did all the things that they tell us to day will kill us. Carbon Tech. We had it in pans in the shop and washed parts in it. Had it in fire extinguishers. Handled lead, made things from lead. Nobody got sick. Then the zealots told us we would die if we kept using it. We hadn't until then.
Now they are taking the 5 second rule from us. Remember as a kid you had a piece of candy and dropped it on the floor. You had 5 seconds to pick it up and brush it off and eat it. I can not recall how many babies that spit out their pacifiers and they fell to the floor. The mother picked them up and wiped them off on their blouse and stuck it back in the baby's mouth. Can not do it any more because the zealots have said it is a no no.
None of my brothers or sisters ate the paint off the walls. We wanted real food. Mom and dad did not have to lock up the poisonous Items because we learned what the skull and cross bones meant. Dad ran the hot water heater at 180 degrees. No one ever got burnt because we knew what Hot meant and used a a lot of cold water with it. Today you can not buy a heater that will heat over 130 degrees.
But I grew up in the steam era on the RRs. I can remember when Kansas City sent a diesel yard switcher to Topeka. We only had two shifts and she set in the engine house for the third shift. When the superintendent found out about it he blew his top and said get it back to KC where it will work three shifts. So we continued to use our 200 class 2-8-0.
Smile you are on candid camera. 8>)
Thank you
Larry Jackman
Boca Raton FL
I was born with nothing and
I have most of it left

On Aug 16, 2007, at 2:00 PM, cripete wrote:

Lead is an environmental problem that is easily
dealt with if keeping children or adults from
ingesting it, or inhaling airborne lead dust is
your goal.
Yet, we have attacked the problem with legislation
that has catastrophic results, both monetarily and

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