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On Aug 16, 4:24pm, Douglas Harding wrote:
Subject: [STMFC] Re: Box Cars In Grain Service
Interesting info Malcolm. On the OpSig list there has been a lot of back
forth about whether operators needed to know what was in a car they were
delivering, ie should such info be on the waybill or switch list. Now
you provide information about the need for a crew member to know what
going to be placed in a car, so the crew would know which empty to
from the yard, or which empty to leave an a given industry, indicating
someone in the crew had to know what the car would contain.

I think it all depends on the definition of "crew". What I read
in Malcolm's message is that the YARD CLERK who made up the switchlist had
to know where the car was going, and what it was going to carry.

On the other hand, the engineer / brakeman / conductor does not --
they only need to follow the switchlist.



P.S. Personally, I like knowing what's in the cars I'm switching.

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