Re: Question regarding NC&StL / Monon steel gons

Ray Breyer

Hi Tony,

Frank says that Martin's already got 100 of the cars cast. I haven't seen a Sunshine handout for them yet, but I'm sure that they'll be available at Naperville.

Ray Breyer

Tony Higgins <earthman92853@...> wrote:
Hey, that's great news! Do you know if Sunshine is taking orders for
them yet?

--- In STMFC@..., Ray Breyer wrote:

Tony Higgins wrote:
FWIW, there was an L&N 42' 9-panel gondola, series 50000-56499,
by Pressed Steel in the late 20s. ORER shows 4300 of these in
Thanks for the tip, but Frank's already done those cars for
Sunshine. He's looking for similar solid bottom gons to match the L&N
and Monon cars.

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