Re: Trainman 70 ton Triple Hoppers

Tim O'Connor

Atlas calls this model an "AAR hopper". But Stewart also
made two "AAR hopper" cars from the same era. Were there
really three different 70 ton AAR design ex-post hoppers
being built in the 1950's? ( I think one of the Stewart
models was a NYC design, and the other the PRR H39? )

Tim O'Connor

Vince Altiere wrote:

Can anyone tell me for which railroads (esp. the B&O ??) the Trainman
70 ton,9panel hopper is accurate for,or at least as a stand-in??
This car was discussed on the list when it first came out so search
the older messages for more information about correct prototypes for
this model.

I can address the B&O part of your question. The car is close to the
B&O Class W-11. These were a group of 300 cars originally built by
the Press Steel Car Company for the C&EI in 1951 termed the "PSC
Payloader welded hopper car". An article about them was published in
Railway Age, March 31, 1952, p. 38. These were 70-ton cars. They
were all welded and the Atlas Trainman car is of riveted construction.
The major dimensions are very close to the PSC cars built for the
C&EI and removing the rivets would be a first step in modeling this
car. The B&O purchased them in 1962, 290 cars remained, and that date
places them outside the date range for discussions by this group.

Bob Witt
Indianapolis, Indiana

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