Re: Question about 1950s SRLX Reefers

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Tom Cornillie wrote:
I am particularly interested in the SRLX relationship with railroads as well as anything that talks about how and where the cars were used and aspects of their design.
Tom, I don't know that their relation was any different than any other private car owner. They were paid mileage, not per diem, by any railroad which moved the car, loaded or empty. Swift, of course, used the cars to distribute both cut meat and meat products among its facilities, all over the country. No doubt Swift had a traffic department to manage these movements.
The great majority of meat cars were equipped for salt additions to ice bunkers, making the car interior colder. This also meant that bunker drains were supposed to be closeable to retain the salty meltwater on board, but there is good evidence that most meat car owners did not bother to install these special drains or, if installed, to maintain them adequately.

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