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Vince Altiere wrote:


As you probably know, the Accurail and Stewart triple hoppers
of the offset design,while the Trainman model has straight side
panels. I have searched the archives but
found no reference to this partiocular model. Can anyone else help

I had the wrong group. I and Jim Mischke discussed this model on the B&O
Yahoo Group. In my recent post on the STMFC Group I correctly
summarized the information about using these cars to model B&O Class
W-11 hopper cars. I am not sure what else you are looking for. Find the
Railway Age article and decide for yourself.

I have an Atlas model lettered for M & St. L and has the builder as ACF.
It is a model of a larger capacity stake-side, triple hopper and differs
from the other models previously available from Athearn (ex-MDC) and
Bowser (ex-Stewart).

There is a two page ad in the Car Builders Cyclopedia 19th ed. (1953)
for an ACF 70-ton, triple hopper with riveted construction with IL of
42'-8" that appears to be the closest prototype for the Atlas Trainman
model. The ad lists the dimensions for the cars and its capacity.
Unfortunately there are no photographic examples of any railroads that
purchased them. May be others can fill in that information.

This edition of the CBC also has an ad for the Press Steel Car welded
version of this hopper and there is a photo of a D&RW hopper #18950
built to this design by PSC. The inside width of the ACF car was
9'-7-3/4" and the PSC was 9'-10" so the PSC version had a slightly
larger cubic capacity of 2,785 cu. ft. compared to 2,734 cu. ft. for the
ACF version.

Bob Witt
Indianapolis, Indiana

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