Re: Stick on weights. Was Coins as car weights.

Charles Morrill

I've had the same experience with this "Myth" --- at least the Goo version. I had a HO plastic flat car which took on a very "John Allen" shape due to the contact cement holding the wood lumber load to the deck. Eventually the Kadee couplers were aimed so far skyward that they would not couple with any other car. Then there were the passenger car plastic diaphragm striker plates that were taking the shape of a horizontal U because of the ever shrinking string of Goo used to attach them to the diaphragm. None of these examples happened within a few days or even months of the Goo being used in the assembly. It took a few years.

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Denny, you make this statement ASSUMING contact cement was
applied "properly," though no one really knows how long to let solvent
evaporate to be "dry enough" and in any case, if it all evaporates, it
isn't cement any longer. I submit that neither you nor anyone is
certain what "properly" means.
As I said previously, I'd be happy to show you some Athearn
box car floors which took years to warp with "contact" Goo. "Myth," my

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