Re: Question about 1950s SRLX Reefers


Hello all,

To broaden my original question a bit - I would also greatly
appreciate any references to works that discuss the transition from
ice to mechanical reefers in terms of both design and operation. I am
not interested in this for modeling purposes, but to better understand
the significance of preserved cars.

I have found personal recommendations to be invaluable in doing
similar research In doing similar research on other railroad topics.
In indexed articles (whether it be the model train magazine index or
something else) it is difficult find articles that present an in-depth

Tom Cornillie

Hello all,

I am looking for some further information on Swift Refrigerator Lines
cars, numbered in the 15XXX and 25XXX series. The 15XXX cars were 39’
ice cars built in 1956, while the 25XXX cars were 51’ cars built in
1954. The Illinois Railway Museum roster lists General American
Transportation as the builder of both cars. (They have 3 cars from
each group in their collection).

See: (

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