Re: CV flat car lengths


Martin McGuirk wrote:

"So I decided this may make a worthwhile scratchbuilding project. So I
dug out more photos and my official railroad freight car data sheets.
All the cars in the photos have a length of 36'-10". Adding to the
confusion official paperwork lists the overall length of 37'-5" --"

Sounds like the difference between body end sill amd coupler face
length. If you think about it, all shippers need to know how long the
body is and don't care about the OCL. So marking the car with the OES
makes sense.

You said you have pictures. Are they side views? If so I'd print them
out and use the wheel diameter to try and figure out the body length.

There is software called Photomodeler that allows one to measure from

There a freeware version of it available called Photomodeler Lite.


Eric Petersson

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