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I've managed to run into a confusing situation with regards to the
length of two classes of Central Vermont flat cars. This project
started simple enough - I was going to use a Tichy flat -- then
noticed the cars are stenciled "Lngth 36'-10" -- obviously shorter
than the Tichy flats.

So I decided this may make a worthwhile scratchbuilding project. So I
dug out more photos and my official railroad freight car data sheets.
All the cars in the photos have a length of 36'-10". Adding to the
confusion official paperwork lists the overall length of 37'-5" --

Is one correct and one in error? Or is it possible one is measuring
the length over the strikers and the other is showing the length over
the end beams?

Obviously, I'm trying to figure out where to measure the overall
length from to build the model to the correct length.

Anyone run into a similar situation?


What seems to be the problem, Marty? I looked up the cars in the 1/58
ORER (I assume it's CV 7517 –7677 and/or 7700 – 7781 you are
interested in). The ORER shows the inside length to be 36'-10" and the
outside length to be 37'-5". Looking at the key at the back of the
book (yes, the ORER does have a key) the INSIDE length of a flatcar is
to be the length of the load carrying platform, while the OUTSIDE
length is the length over the strikers, exclusive of the couplers.
37'-5" – 36'-10" = 7"/2 = 3 1/2" per end, which sounds reasonable for
a striker casting to me.


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