CV flatcar lengths


Funny you should mention this as I had the same question several
years ago. FWIW, here's what I concluded after much shearching
through class sheets, OER's, and Car Builder Cyclopedia's. The 36'-
10" dimension of CV's 7500-7609, 8300-8799, and 9300-9799 refers to
the length of the car deck while 37'-5" is the length to the end of
the draft gear/coupler pockets/strikers. If you compare flat car
plans/pictures from the Car Builder Cyclopedia's with the OER's you
can see that the car length stenciling tends to match the OER's car
length but the floor plan length are anywhere from 6" to 1' longer. I
believe this is from an ICC order where the physical characteristics
of a car (capacity, or deck area for a flat car) listed in the OER
were used to determine the applicable tariff. I too thought the
Tichy car would be an excellent starting point until I realized that
it was to long and have been trying to figure out the best way to
shorten it. Good Luck and keep us updated on you effort!
Glenn Annis

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