Re: Great new stuff from Bob's Photo

Richard Hendrickson

....Bob does plan to be at Martin Lofton's Prototype Modelers Seminar in
October this year with this collection....
That's very good news, Bill, as I never believe it when people with photo
collections tell me they're going to make a negative inventory. (Why
should I believe them? I've been meaning to write up a list of my own
modest negative collection for going on twenty years, but I still haven't
done it.) Probably means I'll have to make the trek to Naperville again,
even though it doesn't coincide with the Rosemont hobby show this year. I
forsee that it will be an expensive trip to Chicago - and the projected
inflation in air fares will be the least of it.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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