Re: Overland Models Tank Cars

Ed Hawkins

On Aug 21, 2007, at 8:42 PM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

Ed, definitely an ACF style frame. Here are my desktop
measurements with a pair of calipers as best as I can do.

Outside tank diameter 8'0"
Tank jacket length 32'7"
Tank length 33'10"
Frame length at corners 36'1"
Following are the dimensions for the 6 PCIX cars in ACF lot 2932. It's
obvious that the model isn't based on these prototype cars. No telling
what it was based on. Next time I talk to Brian Marsh I'll ask him.
Ed Hawkins

Truck centers: 31'-7 1/2"
Underframe length (over end sills): 42'-1 5/8"
Underframe width: 9'-8"
Jacket diameter: 90" (70" tank diameter plus 20" to account for 10"
cork insulation surrounding the tank)
Tank length: 37'-10 7/8"

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